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If you are a home gardener, inside or outdoors, to achieve optimum growth, your plants will require some additional  nutrients to aid in the development of healthy root systems and flowers. Unfortunately, most indoor and outdoor environments do not contain everything your plants require to grow at their best. Sometimes, they need a little help. That’s where House & Garden Nutrients come in, along with a huge range of other effective nutrient brands.

We offer a wide variety of nutrients, additives, and amendments to help you get your garden growing better than ever before. Whether growing indoors or out, in-ground or hydroponically, there is a nutrient product ideal for your application. For example, the House & Garden along with a number of other brands with liquid elements will help plants absorb nutrients fully.

What You Should Know About Cyco Nutrients From Hydro HQ

Hydroponic growing requires nutrients. Nutrient-rich water replaces soil, meaning you can achieve much higher productivity in a much smaller area. It also means that you can achieve better crop yields with much less water consumption since you won’t lose excess water, as in traditional farming.

  • Widely known as the ultimate in plant nutrition, the Cyco range of nutrients and additives are among the purest of plant nutrition products, containing no heavy metals, manufacturing by-products or unnecessary fillers. Widely used throughout most of the world, this range is superior.
  • Cyco products are available in a range of sizes, depending on your application. Choose between one-, five-, and twenty-litre containers or larger commercial quantities. Best of all: the concentration levels of these additives mean they’ll last longer.
  • Every element of Cyco products plays a crucial role in efficiently developing your plants, helping you achieve strong and healthy crops and optimal growth rates. Whether growing vegetables or herbs, this range is ideal for all hydroponic applications, irrespective of size.

What Sets Hydro HQ Apart Regarding Green Planet Nutrients in Australia

We offer the complete range of Green Planet Nutrients right here in Australia. You will appreciate that the GP3 contains no synthetic dyes or carbonates with the lowest salt and residue index you can find.

  • Our product range is extensive, offering everything you may need. We provide complete grow kits to grow tents, lighting, plumbing, fittings and accessories, pest control solutions, air filtration and ventilation systems, substrates and soils, electrical equipment, pots, tubs, planting trays, and much more.
  • Whether you are looking for products specifically for in-ground or hydroponic growing systems or a highly effective product for both, such as Biodiesel nutrient, we can assist.
  • We offer easy and convenient online shopping and fast and efficient delivery throughout the whole of Melbourne. We pride ourselves on our highly professional and friendly customer service.

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