GT Focus Range

The Focus Range brings the home gardening enthusiast an unsurpassed level of professional quality and expertise usually reserved for professional growers. As the name suggests, the Focus Range accommodates the specific nutritional requirements of specific plant types. Developed using Growth Technology's revolutionary Single Pack Technology and manufactured from the highest quality raw materials, the Focus Range of plant nutrients delivers a complete profile of all 12 essential minerals that are absolutely necessary for plant growth and development.  

Best Sellers

Foliage Focus

Foliage Focus is specifically formulated to encourage profuse and lush foliage growth. Suitable for any non flowering plants including ferns, palms and herbs.

Herb Focus

Herb Focus is specifically formulated for culinary herbs such as parsley, basil, coriander, thyme and dill.

Native Focus

Native Focus is specifically formulated with low levels of phosphorous in order to avoid toxicity in our phosphorous- sensitive, Australian natives. Outstanding results when used on Banksia, Grevillia, Telopea and Hakea varieties.