Ezi Vac

Ezi Vac - HydroHQ
Ezi Vac - HydroHQ

Ezi Vac

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Safe, hygienic food storage
Vacuum sealing removes excess air in food packaging, preventing freezer burn and reducing the possibility of oxidisation.
Vacuum sealing also prevents mould and bacteria entry, plus the continuous Ezivac Vacuum Packaging Rolls 30cm will take large or small items.
Made of thick BPA-free food grade plastic, this packaging can be boiled or microwaved, making it ideal for cooking sous vide style.

-Removes excess air
-Prevents freezer burn
-Thick BPA-free food grade plastic
-Can be boiled or microwaved
-Safe, hygienic way to store food
-Versatile Continuous roll
-Made in Italy
-Can be used on any vacume machine

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